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Aston, PA USA
Joseph - a special education teacher
Adult Day Program Director for CADES
Hillary - turning 29 in July - A Nurse Tech at Riddle Hospital
and certified EMT . Made me a grandmother 10/22/11. A little girl - Abigail Sophia :) and again on 6/5/13 - this time a little boy named John Samuel III. Seth - is turning 21 in August and is currently attending Elizabethtown College as a Business/Political Science major Joelle - my youngest, just turned 18 in Feb. She is headed off to college once summer is overcollege and has decided to attend Ursinus in Collegeville. We still have our 3 dogs (Puggles), a polydactyl cat, and a rabbit. They will keep me busy when the kids are away! Holding to that number until something else wanders into the house or gives me sad I need a home eyes! there will be no empty nest syndrome at my house!

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GI graduated from Our Lady OF Angels College (now known as Neumann University) and have been in the Special Education field at CADES (Children and Adult Disability and Educational Services) since Sept 1979 ! Married twice and have 3 children - Hillary by my first marriage and Seth and Joelle by my second. Hillary and her fiancee bought the home three houses up from ours and Seth is at Elizabethtown College not too far away that he cannot come home for the weekends every once in a while! Joelle is working this summer and will be off to college soon. It has been great hearing from past (I won't say old!) friends again and look forward to continuing to keep in touch in the future. It is amazing as to how much has changed over the years as well as how so much has remained the same once you get talking and remembering things again!