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Anastacia Fahnestock
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After graduating I moved to Philadelphia to attend Philadelphia College of Art. I met my future wife there. I worked many years doing restoration work on city houses including a nice victorian on south Broad street where we still live. In the 80's we persued our artistic impulses through a small theater group we co-founded which did original puppet plays around town. In 85 we started selling, at sidewalk sales, items I got from jobs or trash picked. This led to a career as "Antique Dealers". We still do this from a store off south street. Our creative and social life revolves around this place. We're happy.

School Story:

A formative event occured for me in my senior year at Penncrest. I had spent some hundreds of hours constructing a life sized man from tooth picks for my final arts project. While on display in the lobby an anonymous critic dropped someone else's clay bust onto it with predictable results. I guess I was shocked and hurt at first but soon realized that this person had actually finished the piece. What did I expect the future of a tooth pick man could be? What would I have done with him? If he didn't break in the car going home he undoubtedly faced the same fate eventually. Better for it to happen all at once in public so every one of the adolescent witnesses could ponder their own tooth pickiness. I didn't get a chance to document Mr. T but because of the way things worked out the episode is still vivid in my mind and I would like to thank whoever helped me with that project.