40th Reunion Photos

Penncrest Class of 1973 - 40th Year Reunion

 November 8th, 2013 at the Riddle Ale House, November 9th, 2013 at Penncrest and D'Ignazio's Towne House in Media, PA
Centerpiece - thanks to Debbie Schmidt DeMasi and Debbie Barrow Leiti
Front Table arrangement - thanks to Debbie Schmidt and Debbie Barrow Leiti
Tom Travia and Suzie Griffiths
Jane Whibley Cropper and Debbie Barrow Leiti
Eric Brown
George Njezic
Annette Kent and David Luongo
Faith Fitzgerald and Kathy Silberman
Shelley Dugan and Kathy Wilhoyte
Dean Keyes
Curt Cropper and Jane Whibley Cropper, Joe D'Ignazio
Keith Robbins, Vic Menghetti and Suzie Griffiths
Suzie Griffiths and Karen Patterson
Joe Labrum, Durand O'Meara and Shelley Dugan
Elena Cross, Debbie Barrow Leiti, Brenda and Rusty Abrams
Glenda Rickardsd and Suzie Griffiths
Renee Diggins and Dave Christie
Pepe Ramos and Suzie Griffiths' husband
Elena Cross, Rita Titter and Shelley Dugan
Anita O'Meara and Shelley Dugan
Pat Hoopes
Shelley Dugan, Durand O'Meara and Terri Allen
Tim Mayer and Michael Tedesco
Connie Gilday, Debbie Barrow Leiti and Dana Dunion Walz '74
Bob Overhiser and Steve Martin
Louise Riker and Regina Kaufman
Regina Kaufman and Karen Patterson '74
Terri Allen, Kathy Blosenski and Michael Carter
Hadley Pennock, Lorraine Heller and Walter Lewis
Brenda Abrams, Doug Schenkel, Cindy Nicholson, Calvin Simpson
Paul Brown and Joe Davidow (Diane Patton's date)
Per Solberg and Steve Martin
Donna Schenkel, Jana and Michael Jaus
Connie Gilday, Shelley Dugan and Kathy Wilhoyte
David Ellis and Don Rocap
John Patterson, Chip Alyanakian and Larry Evans
Lori Skeen and Terry Dotts
Clayton Lewis and date and Rusty Abrams
Jeanne Shultz, Per Solberg and Russ Stark
Terry Dotts and Perry Hartranft
Math Teacher Mr. Pete Lee, Sharon Teeple and her sister, Brenda
Shelley Dugan and Joe Labrum
Shelley Dugan, Connie Gilday, Debbie Schmidt and Jane Whibley
Gail Kreider, Walter Lewis and Sue Booth
Dave Ellis and Dave Hopkins
Debbie Linvill and Barb Zuch
Tim Mayer and Barb Schultz
Juli Aderman, Lucy Green and Terry Dotts
David and Maria Berger and Durand O'Meara
Clark Wrigley and Paul Brown
Arlene Butler and Louise Riker
Ken Woodward, Connie Gilday, Robin Pope, Dick Boswell, Lisa Strese, Barb Zuch, Kim Shore, Cathy Colburn, Kathy Weathers
Michael Carter and Sheila Gates
Kathy and Joe Labrum
Riddlewood Kids! Dick Boswell, Robin Pope, Dawn Toutkaldjian, Connie Gilday, Ken Woodward, Cathy Colburn, Kim Shore, Kathy Weathers, Barb Zuch
Gail Kreider and Lori Skeen
Barb Zuch, Michael Carter and Terri Allen
Linda Byerly and Steve Beebe
Sue Booth and Bob Overhiser
Perry Hartranft and Joe D'Ignazio
Linda Byerly, Steve Beebe and Louise Riker
Robin Pope and Pete Weber
Connie Gilday and Debbie Barrow
Durand O'Meara and Shelley Dugan
Gail Krieder, Russ Stark, Lucy Green, Linda Byerly, Juli Aderman, Sue Booth, Barb Zuch, Kathy Weathers, Diane Hofmann, Vic Menghetti, Arlene Butler, Ernie Schultz
Dick Boswell and Paul Brown
Walter Lewis and Joe Davidow, Diane Patton's date
Eric Brown and Renee Diggins
Lisa and Pepe Ramos, Rusty Abrams
Bob Overhiser and Diane Hoffman
Gail Kreider and Sue Booth
Sue Booth, Lori Skeen and Bob Sproul
Bob Sproul, Don Rocap and Bobby Overhiser
Terry Koechig and Robin Pope
Tim and Jan Nowell
Kathy Blosenski and Dawn Toutkaldjian
Don Berlin and Vic Menghetti
Paul and Keheng Dripps
John Scala and Clark Wrigley
John Patterson, Connie Gilday and Perry Hartranft
Dave and Carol Hopkins
Diane Hofmann
Maria Berger, Mark and Diane Warner, Beth Warner
Jane Whibley and Eric Brown
Lucy Green and Arlene Butler
Lisa Strese and Elena Cross
Dave Hopkins and Meg McCarthy
Bob Sproul, Ron Gravina and Tom Travia
Jeannette DiSalvo and husband Charles Rubillo
Connie Gilday, Debbie Schmidt and Jane Whibley
Terry Dotts and Keith Robbins
Kim Shore, Larry Evans, Kathy Weathers, Dick Boswell
Russ Stark, Kathy Wilhoytte, Per Solberg
Robin Bepler, Kerri Schock, Kathy Wilhoyte, Debbie Linvill, Denise Smith, Kathy Silberman, Faith Fitzgerald
Jane Whibley, Ken Hines, Perry Hartranft, Mark Hepp
Jeanne Shultz, Per Solberg, Russ Stark
Donna and Doug Schenkel
Lori Skeen, Pepe and Lisa Ramos
Clark Wrigley, Faith Fitzgerald and Linda Byerly
Steve Martin and Kenny Hines
Tim Mayer
Arlene Butler and Bobby Overhiser
Diane Hofmann and Denise Smith
Brenda Abrams, Steve Martin, Rusty Abrams, Kenny Hines
Esther Massey
Walter Lewis
Joe D'Ignazio, Michael Tedesco, Jim Walz and Tom Travia
Meg McCarthy and husband Kim Maguire
Tom Travia, David Malman and Walter Lewis
Beth Warner, Diane and Mark Warner, Jane Whibley
Ken Robinson, Clayton Lewis and friend
Cathy Colburn and Faith Fitzgerald
Paul Brown, Ken Robinson, Larry Evans
Barb Zuch, Dick Boswell, Paul Brown
Lisa Strese, Judy Ticknor, Kerri Schock
Connie Gilday
Rita Titter and Regina Kaufman
Debbie Schmidt
Gail Kreider, Perry Hartranft, Debbie Barrow
Sue Booth, Arlene Butler, Kathy Weathers, Lori Skeen
Jane Aderman ;74 and Juli Aderman
Jim Tully and Steve Beebe
Clark Wrigley and Gail Kreider
Kathy Weathers, Lori Skeen, Joe Labrum, Arlene Butler, Gail Kreider, Juli Aderman, Sue Booth
Steve Martin and Barb Schultz
Kathy Labrum and Debbie Linvill
Sam Mazzeo, Chip Alyanakian and Eric Brown
Eric Brown and Sam Mazzeo
Kathy Weathers and Arlene Butler
George Njezic and Eric Brown
Barb Zuch and Kathy Weathers
Arlene Butler, Juli Aderman, Jane Aderman '74
Jane Aderman '74, Jim and Pat Tully
Judy Ticknor and Lisa Strese
Sharon Owen, Connie Gilday and Kathy Blosenski
Sharon Owen, Joe Labrum and Kathy Blosenski
Vic Menghetti and Joe D'Ignazio
John Scala
Mark Hepp, Debbie Barrow Leiti and Perry Hartranft
Moira Porteous and her husband, David Hair
Sharon Owen, Debbie Cordero and her brother, Paul
Sharon Owen and Debbie Cordero
Russ Stark, Kathy Wilhoyte, Per Solberg
Kim Shore, Larry Evans, Kathy Weathers, Dick Boswell
Joe Labrum, Lucy Green and Diane Hofmann
Jane Whibley, Kenny Hines, Perry Hartranft, Mark Hepp
Perry Hartranft and Joe D'Ignazio
Annette Kent, Sally Repogle and Dana Dunion Walz
Bob Sproul and Ron Gravina
Cindy Nicholson, Sheila Gates, Michael Carter
Don Rocap, Jim and Pat Tully, Bob Overhiser
George Njezic, Don Berlin, Steve Woodruff
Karen Patterson, Regina Kauffman, Cathy Colburn
Kerri Schock, Rusty Abrams, Kathy Wilhoyte, Kathy Silberman
Regina Kaufman, ??? andChris Furlong
Robin Bepler, Kerri Schock and Joe Labrum
Sally Repogle, Dana Dunion and Jim Walz, Richard Ozmore
The Bar
Tim Nowell, Chip Alyanakian, Steve Beebe
Durand and Anita O'Meara
Anita O'Meara, Terri Allen and Shelley Dugan
Anita O'Meara
Moira Porteous, Sam Mazzeo, Diane Warner, and John Lohn, tour guide
D wing-Don Berlin, Keith Robbins, John Lohn, Debbie Linvill
Library-Mike Tedesco, Marilyn Stanert, Joe Labrum, Terry Koechig, Kathy Weathers, Beth Warner
Library-Debbie Leiti, Beth Warner, Mark Warner, Moira's husband
Outside the gym
Outside the gym-trophy cases
Juli Aderman, Kathy Weathers, Diane Hofmann
Juli Aderman, Arlene Butler, Kathy Weathers, Diane Hofmann
Indoor track overlooking the gym
Shelley Dugan, Tour Guide John Lohn, Eric and Patty Brown, Mike Tedesco
Sam Mazzeo
Penncrest Tour
Penncrest-Diane Hofmann and Kathy Weathers
Penncrest-Bill Lebo and Arlene Butler
Penncrest-Jim Tully, Mark Warner, Terry Koechig
Riddle Ale-Chip Alyanakian and Terry Dotts
Riddle Ale-Sue Booth, Gail Kreider and Clark Wrigley
Riddle Ale-Lori Skeen,Sue Booth and Gail Kreider
Riddle Ale-Clark Wrigley and Kathy Weathers
Riddle Ale-Kathy Silberman, Moira Porteous and Debbie Cordero
Riddle Ale-Kathy Wilhoyte and Jim Tully
Riddle Ale-Terry Dotts
Riddle Ale-Hadley Pennock and Lorraine Heller
Riddle Ale-George Njezic and Calvin Simpson
Riddle Ale-Michael Tedesco, Dawn Toutkaldjian and Joe D'Ignazio
Riddle Ale-Paul Dripps, Sue Booth, Gail Kreider and Lori Skeen
Riddle Ale-Dawn Toutkaldjian, Debbie Pincin and Shelley Dugan
Riddle Ale-Pepe Ramos, Dave Luongo and Annette Kent
Riddle Ale-Dougie Schenkel
Riddle Ale-Jane Whibley and Curt Cropper
Riddle Ale-Linda Byerly and Kathy Silberman
Riddle Ale-Per Solberg and Russ Stark
Riddle Ale-Kathy Weathers and Kathy Wilhoyte
Riddle Ale-Walter Lewis and his sister Cindy, '75
Riddle Ale-Terry Dotts,Keith Laulis and Walter Lewis
Riddle Ale-Paul Dripps
Riddle Ale-Robin Bepler and Kathy Silberman
Riddle Ale-Renee Diggins and Glenda Rickards
Riddle Ale- Renee Diggins and Pepe Ramos
Riddle Ale-Jim Walz and Dana Dunion Walz
Riddle Ale-Curt Cropper and Dave Luongo
Riddle Ale-Doug and Donna Schenkel
Riddle Ale-John Ciminera
Riddle Ale-Eric Brown and  Michael Tedesco
Riddle Ale-Shelley Dugan and Walter Lewis
Riddle Ale -Jim and Pat Tully
Riddle Ale-Jane Whibley Cropper, Connie Gilday and Debbie Barrow Leiti
Riddle Ale-Joe Labrum and Clark Wrigley
Riddle Ale - Eric Brown
Riddle Ale - Shelley Dugan and Debbie Barrow Leiti
Riddle Ale-Sue Booth and Joe D'Ignazio
Riddle Ale-George Njezic

Riddle Ale-Moira and Lori

Riddle Ale - Joe Labrum and sister
Riddle Ale - George Njezic and Keith Laulis
Debbie Pincin and Shelley Dugan