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Lititz, PA USA
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Director, The Hershey Company
David Andrew, born 1985
Steven James, born 1987

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BS Microbiology 1977 and MS Entomology 1979 from The Pennsylvania State University. Started my career with Ralston Purina and have been with The Hershey Company since 1980. Currently, Director Quality and Regulatory Compliance.

Holly and I raised two great sons. David (PSU 2007) is currently employed by Price Waterhouse Coopers in Center City, Philadelphia and Steven is finishing up at Arizona State University.

Interests include traveling (which I do a bit with my job at The Hershey Company), cooking, and nature photography.

I still love going to the beach, especially Ocean City, New Jersey. It all started when Richard (Dick back in the day) Boswell, Blake Spencer and I got jobs and spent the summer there in 1972!

School Story:

Favorite school story, hmmm... I remember my brother-in-law Tom Jones stealing the soccer team's water bucket (yeah, we used to drink out of a bucket with a ladle!) during summer practice as he and the football team jogged past the soccer field. We still laugh about that to this day.

Finally getting a chance to drive the family car to school then forgetting it and taking the bus home!!

Deep sea fishing in OC NJ
Steve, Leo and Dave Newcomer
Chivas Mexico, Guadalajara 2008. Ole Ole Ole Ole